scena urbana | The Abandoned Communist Cinema – en
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The Abandoned Communist Cinema – en


The Abandoned Communist Cinema – Erasmus students expedition (from the Universitatea de Arta si Design of Cluj) – part of Zilele Cluj City Days, Scena Urbana.

“During our Erasmus experience in Cluj-Napoca (RO), we decided with a small group to create art works around a common theme : a place we discovered and called the Abandoned Communist Cinema. We used to go there to play around, jump in huge stacks of film strips and find inspiration.
Angela Kallo and Diana Dragau Chirila, teaching Installation and Performing Arts at the Universitatea de Arta si Design encouraged us to come together as a collective of artists in order to create this exhibition.
My role as organizer and curator of this project was to make sure everything was done right and in time and that each artwork had the opportunity to live and exist among other works.
Beside our personnal works, we had to face the usual challenges you meet when organizing an exhibition : clean another abandoned space called Cetatuie’s Arsenal so we could exhibit, divide the space for everyone’s work, create posters and leaflets, collaborate with the school and the different parties involved with the help of our coordinators.”

Raphaël Allegro


Location: Cetatuie Hill, Arsenal building beetween Hotel Belvedere Hotel and La Gazette.

Andrea Hegedus / HU
Brice Mourlet / FR
Laura Aubrée / FR
Raphaël Allegro / BE
Weronika Tyrpa / PL
Artur Rozen / PL
Mieke Müller / DE
George Szabo / RO
Małgorzata Goliszewska / PL
Rémi Chassagne / FR
Cloé Carbonare / FR
Alica Belkova / SK

Diana Dragan-Chirila
Angela Kallo